Placement Prepration

At NavKiran, we recognize the paramount importance of facilitating a seamless transition for our esteemed MBA students from their academic journey to the professional world. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing your potential, we are delighted to present our distinguished "Placement preparation Program" - a comprehensive Placement Preparation s ervice meticulously designed to empower the entire MBA batch with the essential skills, unwavering confidence, and invaluable insights required to excel in the fiercely competitive job market.

Training Module

Resume Building Workshop

One On One Resume Building Session

GD Workshop

Mock GD

Mock Behavioral Interview

Mock Functional Interview

Interview Preparation Workshop

Guesstimates Workshop

Case Based Interview Workshop

Domain Workshops

SOP Workshop

Email and Cover Letter Writing Workshop

Why Choose Us?

Analytical Feedback Mechanism

Receive personalized insights into your strengths and areas needing improvement through our advanced analytical feedback mechanism. This data-driven approach allows you to focus your efforts precisely where they matter most.

Holistic Approach to Learning

We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Our holistic learning approach combines technical skills with soft skills, ensuring you're not just job-ready but also equipped for success in a dynamic work environment.

NavK Scorecard To Identify Bottom 20 Percentile Students

With our exclusive NavK scorecard, identifying your standing becomes easier than ever. Pinpoint your position within your peer group and receive the required guidance to enhance your skills and performance.

Industry-Driven Curriculum

Our curriculum is curated in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that you're learning what matters most in the real world. Stay ahead of the curve with skills that align perfectly with industry requirements.

Community and Networking

Join a vibrant community of peers, mentors, and industry professionals. Our platform fosters networking opportunities that could open doors to internships, job placements, and valuable connections.

Flexibility and Convenience

Life can be busy, but your preparation shouldn't suffer. Our flexible learning solutions allow you to study at your own pace and convenience, making the journey to your dream job smoother than ever.

Special Focused Session For Bottom Percentile Students

We care about every student's success. Our dedicated special sessions for bottom 20 percentile students are designed to provide extra attention and guidance, ensuring no one gets left behind.

Credibility and Trust

Thousands of successful candidates vouch for our credibility. Our proven track record and trust within the industry make us the reliable partner you need for your placement preparation.

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